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Chicken Pies:


What are the different size chicken pies:

Individual Size (1 Serving)

Apartment Size (2 + Servings)

Family Size (4 Servings)

Jumbo Size (6 Servings)


What type of meat is in the chicke pies:

Our chicken pies are made with all white meat chicken breasts.


What are the vegetables in the chicken pies:

Our chicken pies that contain vegetables have both carrots and potatoes in them.


What is in the chicken pie with NO VEGETABLES:

The pies with no vegetables consist of all white meat chicken, home made gravy, and topped with a flakey crust.


What are the dimensions of the chicken pies:

1 Serving Pie: 5" Round Pie

2 Serving Pie: L 8.5" x W 6" x D 2.25"

4 Serving Pie: 9" Round Pie

6 Serving Pie: L 12" x W 9" x D 2"


How much do the chicken pies weigh: (These numbers are approximate)

1 Serving: 3/4 LB

2 Serving: 3 LBS

4 Serving: 4 LBS

6 Serving: 5 1/4 LBS


What are the cooking instructions for the chicken pies:


1 Serving: Bake at 375 degrees for 30 Minutes

2 Serving, 4 Serving, & 6 Serving Pies: Bake at 375 degrees for 45-60 Minutes


1 Serving: Bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour (cover crust)

2 Serving, 4 Serving, & 6 Serving: Bake at 375 degrees for 1 1/2 to 2 hour


How much salt is in the chicken pie:

406mg per 8 oz serving


Is there MSG in the chicken pie:

Our Pies DO NOT contain MSG.


Is there any dairy product in the chicken pies:

Our REFRIGERATED chicken pies DO NOT contain milk, but we DO brush milk on top of the pies before we bake them. If you would like us to bake a pie without brushing milk on it, please tell your server when placing your order.


Do I need to call ahead for a COLD chicken pie:

You do not need to order a chicken pie. You can just come down to our store and purchase a pie.


Do I need to call ahead for a HOT chicken pie:

YES. Please call 1 hour in advance for a hot ready-to-eat chicken pie. We do occasionally have cooked pies in the store that we sell to walk-in customers, but it is best to call ahead so that you will be guaranteed one.


How long is a chicken pie good in the REFRIGERATOR:

Chicken pies should be used withing 2-3 days of purchasing. Otherwise, it is advised to freeze them.


How long is a chicken pie good for in the FREEZER:

It is best if you use a pie within 2 months of freezing it. Otherwise it may dry out.



Do you ship your chicken pies:

Yes!  We currently ship inside MA



Who do I contact about getting a donation towards a charitable event:

Please contact Melissa with all donation requests



Does Harrows still host functions:

NO. We stopped hosting functions in 2006



Does Harrows still have a dining room:

NO. We closed the dining room in 1998.


**If you have any questions that were not answered here, please feel free to contact us

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