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Harrows Chicken Pies are still made the same way they were in the 1930, with slow cooked chicken and rich homemade gravy made from scratch everyday. The pies are made just the way your grandmother would have made them 60 years ago, or the way you would if you had all day to spend in the kitchen. While the pies are a treat year round, they are a particular cold weather favorite, and a perfect fit for our New England weather. You can either call ahead to pick up a piping hot, ready-to-eat chicken pie, or pick up a cold one to bake at home. There is nothing like the captivating smell of a chicken pie filling your home while it bakes. The pies are available in 4 different sizes, ranging from 1-6 servings. No matter what size your family is, Harrows can accommodate.


Besides the chicken pie, Harrows also sells dessert pies, such as apple and blueberry. On top of that we also sell a variety of sides to compliment your meal.

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