Reading: 126 Main St 781-944-0410               Medford: 275 Mystic Ave 781-306-0410           Saugus: 352 Broadway (Rt1) 781-231-7410 

Tewksbury: 345 Main St 978-858-0411          Dedham: 810 Providence Hwy 781-320-0411

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 About Our Locations:

126 Main Street

This is where the magic is made. Our Reading store is "Harrows Chicken Pie Headquarters".  This is the original birth place of the Harrows Chicken Pie.  Our Reading location is 1/4 mile from Route 128, and minutes from Route 93.

We have many different employees here with several different duties and departments. 

At the store front we have cashiers ready to serve the customers.  Out front, the employees wait on customers, box up pies, ring up orders, and answer phones. 

Our famous chicken pies are made from scratch out back, in the bakery, and either sent out front to sell, delivered to our other 4 stores, or brought into our kitchen to be be baked and sent home piping hot with our call ahead customers.

All of our chicken pies are made here and delivered to our 2 smaller stores daily.

Store Supervisor: Jillian


345 Main Street

Tewksbury  opened in Mid-Augus 2011.  Like our Medford and Saugus stores, Tewkbury is a much smaller scale store to our Reading location. 

Our Tewksbury store is located right off Route 495 on Route 38.  It is located in the same parking lot as Walmart.

Store Supervisor: Kelsey


275 Mystic Ave

Our Medford store is much smaller then our Reading location.  Since our pies are made in Reading and delivered daily, we only need enough space to store, sell, and bake the pies here.  Medford is also conveniently located right off Route 93. This store is roughly 15 minutes from our Reading location.

This store is located in the same parking lot as Dunkin Donuts and Edible Arrangements.

At this location our employees in front not only wait on customers, but bake the pies as well. 

Store Supervisors: Sarah and Melissa


352 Broadway
Rt 1

Our Saugus location greatly resembles our Medford branch.  All the pies are made in Reading daily and delivered each morning.  We only have a store front to sell and bake the pies. 

Our Saugus location is right on  Rt 1 in Saugus.  It is located in the same parking lot as Border Cafe, Lazy Boy, and Trader Joe.  It is roughly 15 minutes from our Reading location.

 Store Supervisor: Melissa


810 Providence Highway

Our Dedham location ia our newest location.    All the pies are made in Reading daily and delivered each morning. 
We only have a store front to sell and bake the pies. 

Our Dedham location is roughly  1/4 mile from Legacy Place.  This is our first location South of Boston. 

Store Supervisor: Kellyn



Dan and Wally Arsenault are the owners of the company.  Their father worked for Charles Harrows in the 1930s, and eventually purchased the business.  Dan and Wally then purchased and took over ownership in the 1990s. They both currently work in our Reading location on a regular basis.

Dianne coordinates the schedule, look over all 5 stores, deal with customer concerns, and do a lot of behind the scenes jobs to make sure that everything is running smooth and that everyone is happy. 

Jillian and Eric work  in our Reading location.  Eric manages any kitchen and bakery issues, and deals with any customer concerns that may arise, and takes care of any equipment issues in the back.  Jillian manages the store crew and deals with any customer concerns.  Eric also deals with employees issues when Dianne and Jillian aren't available to work it out. He also watches over the daily delivery of products to our Medford, Saugus, Tewksbury, and Dedham stores.

Shift Managers make sure that other employees are pleasant with the customers, and doing the jobs that have been assigned to them.  They also deal with customer concerns and employee attendance management.



Competitive Starting Wages

Employee Discounts

Ability to advance

Merit raises



What positions are currently available:

Currently we are looking for a person who has the following criteria:

Looking for part time employment

Has reliable transportation.

If flexible with hours and would be able to work mornings, afternoons, and weekends.

Would like to work as counterhelp, but would like to advance in the future.


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